double whammy .

soundtrack: why not me; varsity // thoughts: in quite a daze

should i stay, should i go; should’ve asked, don’t wanna know … who are you thinkin` about; shouldn’t kiss, shouldn’t tell; shouldn’t leave without farewell … what were you thinkin` about?

a tim tam packet has nine tim tams, not ten. i know this because all nine are sitting in my stomach now, waiting to be digested. along with another half packet of chicken crimpy shapes i ate. i also ate lunch and dinner, so the next time you see me don’t be surprised if i’m a million times fatter.

because you’re stuck in my head like my favourite song, you put the scene on pause, it still plays on … it’s chapter three, it’s hard to breathe; the words are slowly fading … without you here, i get nowhere…

my mind is quite numb at the moment because i watched this movie called wristcutters; a love story. i think the movie is trying to tell people not to kill themselves, but after watching it i think i’ve leaned that way a little bit more. it’s one of those movies that make you think, i think. i hated the ending though, because the main character who once believed he had nothing to live for gets lucky. love saves the day, and everyone gets a second chance. hate it, hate it, hate it.

could’ve been, could’ve had; how could you do that and not look back … you couldn’t wait, you couldn’t breathe; you couldn’t be sharing the same dreams with me

how come emo-ness is always associated with love now? why can’t someone be unhappy with their life because of something else? and why do those who are lucky enough to experience love make it all one big emo story?

what is it that keeps me hanging on to every word you say; what is it that keeps me holding on to you?

but hey, who am i to talk?

    • Garmon
    • May 9th, 2008

    Well it’s enough to admit that you liked it. Even if not that much

    • Bek
    • May 10th, 2008

    LOL @ Christinas brother and his NINETY tim tams =)

    • Dean
    • July 2nd, 2008

    Because love is being commercialised and idealised to the point that the word is used thoughtlessly myriad times a day. The word has lost its meaning and is just associated with the hardships of getting a girl/guy. The mainstream has the ability to blow little details into major proportions.

    9 Tim tams eh? I swear that makes them sound cheap. Why not 10? =[ Oh well it doesnt change how they taste =]

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