stupid cupid .

 soundtrack: six whole days; matt palmer // thoughts: still spinning

nothing ever goes according to plan. i planned to write a draft major work today. shouldn’t have expected so much. damn.

i was reading some people’s blogs about me today, which is kind of weird. i mean, sometimes i write about people too, but it’s never explicit. i don’t know if writing stuff about a person explicitly on the net is any better than hinting about who they are when you write about them and making it a mystery to the rest of the world. personally i never get the extremely subtle hints people aim at me, so maybe it’s hypocritical to expect the same of those who read my writing? is it a bad time to say that most of my writing has some meaning, some direction? maybe so…

however, sometimes it’s interesting to read about yourself, not in a conceited way, but like knowing what people think is good. if they think you’re awesome, be flattered. if they don’t, it’s just a blog. we’re only human.

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