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many strange ideas occurred to me today. we’re probably very familiar with the idea of truth, justice, law and stuff due to overexposure through the media, but because we’re in year 12 everyone is starting to ask us to reconsider. add all the controversy that’s been happening and you have yourself a brainful of stuff to contemplate.

first things first. today i learnt that when the british convicts got to australia the men came off the boats and built stuff while the women stayed on, even after months of confined sea travel. you might think i’m going to start talking about womens liberation and rights, but that’s not it. what was amazing is that when the women came off the boats there was lots of rape and a massive orgy. how come i wasn’t taught that until now? and how many people knew that?…

secondly, just as the idea of truth becomes even more hazy to me i remember courtcases where there are two versions of the truth and a jury gathered admist all sorts of selectiveness. apparently if you look like a gangster you’re not fit to judge whether someone is guilty of a crime, but if you’re middle-aged and wear a tie, consider yourself a part of the privileged elite. in addition to this awful prejudice there is the fact that a lawyer is hired to portray your ‘truth’ at the angle he/she thinks best suits your case, or rather will get you off easier. i used to want to be a lawyer, you know, but if i wanted to feed people shit i’d rather go into advertising.

last, and definitely least, is the fact that everyone has started talking about our formal. my friends in particular have already decided to get something called a hummer limo (sp?) in which they will roll on the fur carpet, drink champagne and arrive fashionably late to what they deem as the most important event of their lives apart from their wedding. needless to say, i looked on with much despair at their exitement. it’s april, or to be fair it’s may  tomorrow. the formal is in november. do you know what happens between now and november? i also heard that a girl who remains unnamed in our school has asked a boy to the formal which is happening in november. the very thought makes me shudder. what if you don’t like him in six months time?  what if you find out that he’s actually a dickhead? but hey, at least she won’t be alone for the rest of her life.

/end rant

    • Dean
    • July 2nd, 2008

    Precisely why ive detested the “professional” career of a lawyer. You have the lovely job of doing society a favour by keeping criminals out of jail. Of course its a two-faced job, so they dont entirely do bad, but its basically the equivalent of selling your integrity. Hahah hummmmeeeeerrr. Gas guzzling, environmental-munching machine, but still kinda cool.

  1. May 27th, 2008
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