cinderella .

the handsome prince on a white horse is not longer the ideal man in modern times. nowadays, the best thing a girl could have is someone rich, successful and hardworking. big house, nice cars, exotic holidays; that’s what life’s all about.

of course, the essentials remain the same; the prince was probably the wealthiest chip on the block, and becoming a princess allows a girl to have anything she wants. it’s just that the idealised version had been scrapped, and replaced with a modern, materialistic and superficial version of love. no one minds, though, because we’ve all evolved into sophisticated people…

so i sit here, looking at a balding man in a grey suit, flaunting myself in hope that he’ll come over and buy me a drink. a woman once told me that this is the club the elites come to, so i quickly secured myself a bar stool. i saw him get out of a jaguar. cinderella may not be interested, but i sure am.

i smile, cross and uncross my legs and flick my long blonde hair in his direction, all the while pretending that i have something more interesting to look at. it’s so easy to capture the attention of a man, but so hard to hold it. women today are at a loss, because what she wants in her life can be interpreted in so many ways. i hope this guy just wants a trophy wife, not like some men who feel the need for an independent woman.

i turn a little to get another glimpse of him in an attempt to fit him in either category. and i see something that devastates me. he has a woman. they smile at each other as she kisses him hello, and i glare. time to pick another target.

    • Garmon
    • April 30th, 2008

    damn your bare-naked truths that bear futility for hopelesses like myself. =/

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