soundtrack: paper ruffling and furious writing // thoughts: about food

i am at state, attempting to write the first draft of my major work. i am also extremely hungry, but i know if i leave to buy food i will never return. it’s amazing how well i know myself, really.

i feel good about sitting here though, even though i’m typing a blog on my laptop. i know i’ve made an effort. which is more than i can say for other people. actually, i lie. a few good days out of a million bad ones is worth it, is it not? it’s just a shame that i’m having a good day by myself with my only human contact being over msn. but hey, at least nothing shitty is happening…

school starts in a few days, which marks the beginning of the second half of this year. there’s still so much i haven’t done, and even more that i can’t do. i seriously don’t believe any of my english/history teachers when they say that i will be able to write an 8 paged essay in 1 hour by hsc. it is improbable. it is more than improbable; impossible.

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