all by myself .

soundtrack: the word maybe in my head // thoughts: of the past

– me ; 2 years ago

my name is liz. not elizabeth. not lizzie. although if it had to be lizzie, it would be spelt with “ie” because my writing is a lot neater when it’s all above the line.

i’m in year 10 at a school where it’s a well known fact that the year above you are bitches and the year below you are skanks. you are nothing.

it is also a well known fact that the way you think something is isn’t the way other people think it is.

i’m in love with oscar wilde, and everything he writes. i read too much for my own good, and my mother once resolved to only letting me read 2 books a week.

my idea of never giving up is playing solitaire over and over until I win.

i never win.

i don’t believe in god, buddha, or anything else that defines creation.

my life is a complete mess.


– me ; now

names don’t change; i’m still liz. it’s sometimes lizi now, because adding a “y” sound at the end of a name is cute.

i’m in my hsc year, which is meant to be frightful and stressful and all, but i’m not feeling it. in one word, i’m apathetic. in two words, it’s more like “self suppressed”.

there’s not much to say about my life, and most of my characteristics remain the same from my self description two years before.

what’s changed? i don’t play solitaire anymore and my life isn’t a complete mess, i’m both more and less determined, and there is no longer a grade above me. we’re the bitches now.

and who cares?

no one.

    • miss z
    • April 10th, 2008

    =) its so great to kno that ur not in a mess anymore. sometimes its much easier when we let everything go.. the mess will resolve itself until new mess come. but it’ll all be good by then. u’ll always be fine.

    • Garmon
    • April 17th, 2008

    I should’ve thought of that..

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