steaming hot .

the bright blue sky in the morning was polluted by a thin layer of grey. as i walked further towards it, it grew thicker, until i turned the corner and i saw it.

in the not-so-far distance there was a trumpet of black smoke rising up into the air. it swirled and expanded, making a giant black rainbow across the sky. stunned, i fumble for my phone and capture the moment. but i need not have wasted the effort; the black mess continued to rise into the sky, turning yellow as it moved further and bestowing fog upon the streets…

it occured to me that the fire was definitely still going strong, and i wondered whether anyone had called the fire department yet. surely they had? if there were people living in the area they must have realised what was happening. nevertheless, the fire wasn’t close to subsiding, but i still didn’t call emergency.

i just stood there wondering how many things would end.


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