watch me .

she’s pretty, from far away.

nothing is ever as good up close, especially when it’s yours. but from the distance, she could almost be beautiful. almost.

i take a few steps closer to get a better view, but she moves further and further away. it’s almost as if she knows once i get close enough i’ll discover the truth, and won’t care. she’s baiting; she wants to keep a distance and keep me interested. but she doesn’t realise that i’m not a shark. i know she’ll start running the moment i get too close. i try anyway.

the lights blink, and everything melts into the dark, eerie night. i’m left feeling my way around, aware of all my other senses while my vision is blurred. i feel someone next to me and i know it’s her. focusing on the outlines of my surroundings hurt my eyes, so i continue to rely on everything else. i can feel her warmth, and smell her scent, and i hear her whisper into my ear; ‘stop. it’s more fun this way.’

when the lights turn back on, she’s gone. i blink to clear my eyes of the hazy grey mass that has filled them and look around. and go back to watching from a distance.

whether it makes her more or less beautiful, i will never know.

    • miss z
    • March 29th, 2008

    i’d want to believe she’s beautiful… coz you will never kno for sure right? and there’s no real beauty… its all perspective and what you want to see.

    • Haily
    • March 30th, 2008

    Lay off the LSD liz !

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