it`s all a question of . . .

soundtrack: jackie boyz; crash&burn // thoughts: `no answers to questions…`

well i’m done. with exams, that is. not life.

where did that sudden comment come from, you may ask? it’s just that i’ve realised that EVERYONE is so EMO.

have you noticed this?

is it cool to be emo? is it cool to hate life? is it cool to be bored of everything and tell everyone that life is a piece of shit?

the only answer i can come up with is: yes, yes it is.

sooo i’m probably not the right person to be preaching about this, but still, it’s kind of stupid. people have their ups and downs and insides and outs. why take one moment in your life and think the rest is a piece of shit? chances are, it won’t even matter five days from now, five hours from now… five minutes from now.

but hey, maybe this is just my flood of relief talking, and i will be thinking life is shit by tomorrow. if i happen to bitch about how shit my life is on this blog, just pretend it’s cool.

and go bitch on your own blog.

    • Bekk
    • March 19th, 2008

    That reminds me of a girl i saw today in smiggle.
    She was wearing a shirt
    with a dead fish on it
    and it was like “finding emo”

    xxoo bek

    • jwang
    • March 21st, 2008

    listen to the emo song
    its mad… an emo way ahahhahaha

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