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i came across a funny picture today and i shall attempt to upload it





it reminds me of all the things that have changed since i was little; i was born in 1990, so this picture basically sums up my whole life. i have watched things shrink while people grow, yet those i have watched grow over the years have never moved in a positive direction. our society, which is a lot more open now than it has been before, is critisized for this, and people like us embody this uncharacterised flow of change. we are the symbols of this depression. it is pure irony that more people in our era are depressed and commit suicide than any other.

pure bullshit.

and its not even what’s behind this change that matters. its the foreground, everything you can see that is wrong, and what everyone sees is like that picture, fat and ugly. even though we’ve had so much progression, so many things have advanced, we behave like cavepeople with our tiny mobile phones and flatscreen lcd tvs; selfish, uncaring. dystopia? not exactly.

there is no poverty, less violence and oppression, and misery is entirely brought upon oneself, yet if we could backtrack, who would? life is unthinkable without hdtv. even more inconceivable without a flushable toilet.

but now i’m acting as if i care. no time machine could take us to a more perfect society than our own, in my eyes. and no machine of any kind can bring that perfect society to us.

there’s nothing we can do.

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