dare to be .

soundtrack: the beat of my heart // thoughts: of starting something new

to be different, i have decided to start a wordpress. it’s like livejournal and blogspot, but not.

blogging should take up much time of a thoughtless person such as myself, especially during periods such as exams. i have decided to navigate myself away from my msnspace as a way of starting a new direction in life. it’s all deep and profound, i know, but it’s also because i’ve realised i should write more than mindless complaints about daily life and horrid situations which i find myself in. msn is for those mindless complaints. the connotations of immaturity and wastefulness are plenty. for me, this is a new beginning…

i am motivated, in a manner of speaking. there shall be resolutions, achievements, and breaks in between, all of which are needed in order to feel successful and productive. people who already feel successful and productive need to pity those such as myself as we are seeking such feelings, such excitement. people who have not experienced the need to feel this should begin to wonder what they are doing with their life; such musings usually end up turning into something productive.

either that or a new blog.

but you misunderstand me; i don’t think you’re useless if you don’t have an aim in life: those are the thoughts of middle aged ethnic groups who believe their children are the only hope for the future. i think you’re useless if you have an aim, care about it, yet don’t care enough to achieve it. it exterminates any hope you have of a future. but don’t worry, it can share a void with my hopeless future too. humour me. i’m just cynical.

it’s almost an epiphany, really. i’ve realised now that epiphanies (sp?) are usually sandwiched somewhere between a vast amount of work that needs to be done and a lazy determination to achieve it. the lazy determination comes from within, while the other more difficult factors are uncontrollable variables. all we need is some more determination, less laziness, and comfort food just in case.

and sleep. but just for now.

    • Garmon
    • March 16th, 2008

    you actually still used msnspaces?

    • jwang
    • March 21st, 2008

    comfort food…….
    yes indeed

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